October. The time of year when my every thought seems to turn to faraway lands. This time last year I was in Crete, the year before that In NYC. It’s time to reminisce…


There’s a little shop in New York’s East Village that’s like a jewel. It’s Barbara Feinman Millinery on East 7th Street. As you can tell by the name, it’s a hat shop but there are also other handmade accessories such as knitted gloves and scarves, and what’s more, some rather fantastic jewellery. Some of the necklaces and earrings are made out of tiny little beads, rescued from vintage, beaded purses and handbads that have been broken beyond repair. I can’t help but adore this idea!

My most precious earrings

On my first visit to New York in 2005 I bought these earrings from Barbara Feinman’s. They still remain my forever favourite earrings of all time! I had a moment of terror once on the street when a group of French tourists, or rather this one kid holding a balloon, came out of nowhere and bumped into me. As unlikely as it is, the balloon got caught in my earring! I immediately started swearing in French (quite spontaneously!), trying to get the thing off my earring, it was so embarrassing! Thankfully the earring didn’t break, I would have cried my eyes out otherwise!

Handbags MM

But there’s also a little shop in Helsinki that’s equally like a jewel. It’s Kolme toivomusta on Kalevankatu. In Kolme toivomusta there’s an absolutely charming collection of mainly small vintage goods from jewellery, trinket boxes, tablewear, beaded purses, hat boxes, everything I love, all selected and displayed with excellent taste. When I first stepped into this shop I felt as if I had entered inside my own head! Last week I made a purchase that I should have made months ago but luckily it was still waiting for me.

Vintage Weiss bracelet

Looking at these two pieces of jewellery together I’ve come to realise once again, that sometimes it takes years to find the perfect match. This heavenly blue rhinestone bracelet is by Weiss and according to the stamp under the clasp it was made in the 1940’s. The adorable shopkeeper of Kolme toivomusta has brought it back from New York which is only fitting as that’s where the bracelet was made as well. Oh, my precious! Am I hopeless or what?

Hurmaava puoti

If you’re interested in finding out more about vintage costume jewellery, here are a couple of wild links:

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5 thoughts on “Jewel

  1. Mags says:

    Oh yes, you’re out of your mind ;-D That is a perfect match!!
    I just adore the bracelet’s colour <3

    1. Thanks, Mags! There’s something particular about this shade of blue that’s magical to me. I’ll have to find out the name of this colour… 🙂

  2. Kirjoitat niin hyvin tuosta miten joskus voi mennä vuosikausia ennen kuin palaset löytävät toisensa – mutta voi että miten onkin ihana tuo rannekoru!
    Korvakoruja en osaa katsoa samalla silmällä koska en itse käytä niitä juuri ikinä, mutta sen näen kyllä että aivan pari ovat tuon rannekorun kanssa.

    1. Kiitos, Kati! Tässä ihanan lisän tuo tämä “henkinen” yhteys kun korut ovat molemmat vintagea (korvikset ainakin osittain materiaalien puolesta) ja peräisin New Yorkista. Lisäksi pidän tuota tiettyä sinisen sävyä aika erikoisena, sitä ei ihan jatkuvasti näe ainakaan koruissa. Mua viehättää myös se, että vaikka korut ovat kuin luodut yhteen, ne eivät ole “samaa sarjaa”, ei tule liikaa toistoa.

  3. kathleen says:

    Lea, those earrings are amazing…. I’m so behind on visiting everyone’s blogs… I loved catching up with your posts today! Beautiful as ever… wishing you a wonderful holiday & new year too!

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