Keys of Calm

It’s March and I have my usual craving to wear no other gems than amethysts. It’s a shame that they all look quite black in these photos…

Agatha earrings
Agatha earrings. For once, these darlings are mine.

A holiday break of twelve days came just in time because I really need a change of scenery for a while. My North Carelian roots are calling me loud and clear so the only thing to do is to hop on a train tomorrow morning. I can already feel the weight of stress lifting off my chest!
Have a good week!

Keys of calm earrings
Keys of Calm earrings. The gallery has finally been slightly updated.

3 thoughts on “Keys of Calm

  1. Merja says:

    Kylläpä ymmärränkin hyvin miksi nuo kultaset olet päättänyt pitää itselläsi! Niin kauniit että heikottaa…

  2. jes says:

    OH! And amethyst is not only my fave stone, but my birthstone as well! These are just gorgeous my dear!!

    big hugs! ~Jes

  3. Darn, I should have bought Agatha when I had the chance! Oh well, am sure there are lot of lovely jewels coming our way… Loving the Keys of Calm as well!

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