La Douce Vie

If the chain on this bracelet looks familiar, you’ve been watching this old post closely. The light and airy silver bracelet, however plain, had somehow caught my eye at the time, but I wasn’t inspired to work on it until over a year later. I started by replacing the small and ordinary clasp with something more interesting (and also to add length to the 16cm chain) and then added a flirty, tinkling set of pearl and aquamarine charms, to create La Douce Vie

La Douce Vie bracelet
La Douce Vie bracelet

I have this project going on, to religiously use my many strands of these puffed teardrop shaped aquamarine gems. They come in several colour tones from eggshell white to aqua, green and grey, some of them opaque and others more transparent. They work fabulously with many different materials and at least for me, they have this strange and captivating allure to them.

La Douce Vie earrings
La Douce Vie earrings

However, they are difficult to capture in photos since their true beauty is revealed only against the skin, whether it be pale as a ghost, dark as the night or anything in between. Due to the immense variety in the colour tones of these gems, the jewellery pieces in which they feature will always remain unique.

La Douce Vie bracelet detail
La Douce Vie bracelet clasp detail with charmed extension chain.

To be continued…

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  1. anu says:

    Niiiin kaunista!

    1. Kiitos paljon, Anu!

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