Remembering the summer

It has been a challenge getting the ball rolling again after such a long break from jewellery making. I haven’t been in my greatest of moods as of late, partly out of the fear of having “lost it” and of “never coming up with another creative idea ever again”. I’ve decided to keep my studio space though. I’m so at ease there that it would be madness and a step backwards to let it go. So maybe there’s hope. As I’m writing this I do have some new pieces coming up… But when it comes to jewellery, this past summer was quite different from the one before. Last year I was very productive in my “country studio” and still enjoyed a relaxing, full length holiday. And I did pack most of my materials in a suitcase and dragged them to North Carelia this July as well, but it soon became evident that the weather was just too hot for working. Even at night I could hardly hold a book in that heat, not to mention a pair of pliers! So I gave up. This summer was not about jewellery, it was about pure and simple summer fun i.e. the holy trinity of Swim, Sauna and Good Food.

The sauna season started at Midsummer when we had a chance to make a quick getaway…

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to abandon our home and the city as badly as this year and it’s all because of the cursed renovation of the façade and windows of our building. It really has been quite an ordeal. The Spring went rather easily but once the temperatures started rising after Midsummer, our home-life became almost unbearable. With the whole house wrapped in plastic and windows sealed, the living conditions felt at times almost inhuman. Everything became about not spending time at home, and for weeks I couldn’t say I had slept well. After a while you’re very fed up, tired and… whatever. I couldn’t wait for our vacation to start so that we could just get up and leave that simmering hell-hole! Just to make things as clear as possible, at its worst, the “view” from our windows looked like this. Nowadays it looks more like this. Nowhere near ready and it’s already been six months…

Under the birches
Much needed birch therapy came to the rescue!

The only camera that I carried around during the holidays was my newly aquired iPhone (finally!) so perhaps the photos aren’t super sharp etc but they serve as excellent therapy for the soul now that the temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning yellow… Not that I don’t like that as well because I love Autumn, but the Summer in the country… I do miss it.

Path to the sauna
Path to the sauna and my haven under the birches.

The absolute truth
One of my favourite quotes.

Mirror mirror
One of those hot and still evenings.

Darling old boy.

Moments before the rain
Magical skies night after night. This was just moments before the lightest and slightest rain possible. After that, some more heat.

Still wearing this skirt. Indian cotton is a lifesaver.

After one weekend trip to Pori Jazz festival and another to our friends’ blissfull cottage in Kemiönsaari and still some more birch therapy, it was time to return to Helsinki. By that time our apartment really felt tike a turkish bath. Now, sitting here, writing this with my warm cardigan and wool socks it feels surreal to imagine  how hot it was. Luckily we had a really fun weekend over at Flow Festival but the downside was that I really could not sleep. By the time my holiday was over I was sick.

Pohjoisranta 5 a.m.
At least there’s something positive about not getting any sleep. You get to go on a very early morning walk.

The Summer is gone. September is gone. The Autumn in Helsinki is very beautiful and sunny and I have returned to my studio. See you soon.

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