Dec 16

In my home neighbourhood there are many nice shops and also studio spaces of creative folk that often feature interesting window displays. The craziest and most hilarious window belongs without a doubt to textile artist Sirkka Könönen, who is known (among many other things) for her incredibly ornate and skillfully knitted clothes and accessories. They are not at all my style, but the window of her studio/shop/showroom always makes me smile!


This woman must have collected absolutely everything during her life from old mannequin hands to Spanish flamenco dancers’ hair accessories or animal figurines, just about anything you can or can’t imagine! Last summer I saw a bridal fashion photo in a magazine with the model wearing a crown made by Sirkka Könönen. The crown was created out of rusty metal wire and shampagne bottle corks! 😀 It was mad but somehow gorgeous!


She changes the theme (and there is always a very particular theme, like eyes or snow globes or spoons) of her window quite often according to the season and I suppose also her mood. The items are displayed in a humorous and highly imaginative manner and usually at first they just make my jaw drop and then I start to laugh! I love these crazy-kitch-dreamworlds she creates!


For this Christmas season she has created a row of cakes on her window, using old cake tins and cookie molds. There are also her staple jungle type flowers (natural and fake) and other plants, a stuffed fox, some glitter and a vintage mannequin wearing one of her signature style knitted sweaters…


See you tomorrow!

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