Everyday Poetry

Finally something new and more on the way as well. When inspiration strikes after a long break it makes one wonder where on earth it could have been all these months!?! The joy of creating is back!

Some strikingly gorgeous freshwater pearls, vintage chain, Swarovski dazzle and a hint of black equals a series of one-off pieces by the name of Everyday Poetry.

Everyday Poetry short necklace
Everyday Poetry short necklace.

Sort of familiar but with an asymmetrical twist. I started to work on this without the tiny doses of black, only to realize that without them the whole piece would be pointless.

Everyday Poetry long earrings
Everyday Poetry long earrings.

These earrings definetly are super long but very lightweight and comfy. Some people say that long earrings don’t suit them. I simply can’t accept it! I seriously believe that anyone can wear such earrings. The real issue is, whether they’re long enough! 🙂

Everyday Poetry long necklace
Everyday Poetry long necklace.

I saw this stylish 80cm long chain in a 1980’s rather tacky (but good quality, French made, probably gold plated) necklace in a vintage store the other day and fell in love with it. This chain is what started the whole Everyday Poetry series and broke the spell over my jewellery making rut. However, I don’t like to tear old jewellery apart just for the sake of it. This necklace had a broken clasp. I just really thought that after a goog scrub and polish it deserved to be repurposed and I’m going to use every piece of it in one way or the other.

Everyday Poetry short earrings
Everyday Poetry short earrings.

Despite of everything I said above, there’s obviously always room for little earrings as well. Sometimes a tiny shot of jet black is just enough.

I don’t know if I have any readers left but if I do, thank you SO much. I’m not going anywhere you know.

9 thoughts on “Everyday Poetry

  1. Gesi says:

    Kauniita! Tee vain enemmän koruja meidän kaikkien iloksi, jooko? 🙂

    1. Joo :). Kiitos!

  2. Merja says:

    Kyllä täällä edelleen seurataan ja ihaillaan 🙂

    1. Peukku! Kiva, kiitos :).

  3. If I were a woman I´d buy & wear these “Everyday” for sure!

    1. That’s so nice, thank you, Pasi!!

  4. Mags says:

    Many greetings Lea-dear! Your vintage-style designs are lovely, always eager to see them!

    1. Thanks so much Mags, and many lovely summer greetings to you, too!

  5. Heidi says:

    Oi miten kauniit nuo ensimmäiset korvakorut. Wauwauwau!

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