All that jazz and then some!

The Trixie series has been created around a handful of vintage mother of pearl and black, faceted glass beads. Some new czech glass , pearls and silver findings have been added to build a harmonious union of the old and the new. Black and white is a colour palette that I haven’t really been familiar with in the past, but even though the summer is at its peak and all the colours in the world in full bloom, this “chanelesque” duo is what most inspired me at this particular moment.

Trixie 4-string bracelet
Trixie 4-string bracelet. I always make pieces that I personally love but about this bracelet I’ll have to admit that I adore it. The way it sits on the wrist… wow.

Dancers 2
Sheet music magic from the 1920s…

Trixie long earrings
Trixie long earrings

Dancers 1

Trixie 2-string bracelet
Trixie 2-string bracelet. Another view here.

Dancers 3

Trixie medium earrings
Trixie medium earrings

Dancers 4

4 thoughts on “Trixie

  1. Mags says:

    I like the necklace very much, very jazz ;-D The long earrings are to die for!!

  2. Mags says:

    Oh, sorry, it was the 4-row baracelet ;-D

    1. Thanks!!! It would have been great to make a necklace as well, but I have no more of those mother of pearl components. Perhaps something black then later on…. 🙂

  3. Heidi says:

    Hih, vahingossa kommentoin tuon edellisen postin perään, vaikka tarkoitus oli kommentoida tänne (ei sillä, oli nekin korvakorut upeat), mutta näistä koruista pidän niiiiin kovin. Upeita Lea! Näen jo nämä jossakin sumuisella jazzklubilla, 20-luvulla… 🙂

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