Colour code of the season

I took these photos with my phone a few weeks ago in Suomenlinna. It was a particularly beautiful, windy and sunny day that still had a dark, somehow melancholic and intriguing feel to it. Ever since London I’ve seen –or wanted to see– a misty Victorian twist in everything, and on that day especially I felt it everywhere for some reason. On top of it all, on that day I was in an extremely sulky mood. But after hours of walking around the beautiful island of Suomenlinna and having the salty sea wind beat my face, I was merry and mellow again. It just worked like a charm!

Suomenlinna 4

Colourful Autumn leaves had fallen into this little pond. The water was so clear that it just looked mesmerizing. I snapped some photos and altered the colours of some of them (not the one above) just for fun. I kept them in my phone for myself at first but now I’ve noticed that I keep coming back to these photos for colour inspiration, so I decided to post them as well. Thinking about the materials I’ve been fiddling with lately, this might well be the colour scheme I’ll be working on this Autumn/Winter season…

Suomenlinna 3
Suomenlinna 2
Suomenlinna 1

And last but not least. My heart is bursting with gratitude over the fact that I now have a new studio space, something I’ve been longing for ever since I had to let go the previous one that I had last year. During the last couple of weeks I’ve trollied my stuff over to this cozy atelier and will be spending my time there at least two whole days every week and a few more hours here and there every chance I get. The place is very nicely located in central Helsinki so I’m also glad to say I welcome visitors with open arms. First new pieces and a bunch of old favourites coming out in just a bit…

At my new studio
Ghostly me at my new studio 🙂

4 thoughts on “Colour code of the season

  1. Violet says:

    Onpa hienoja uutisia!
    Elät unelmaasi todeksi nyt, eikö vaan.
    Mikä onni kun saa tehdä sitä mistä nauttii. Kyllä tekisi tulla mieli piipahtamaan kunhan seuraavan kerran tulee Hesaan asiaa.

    1. Kiitos, Kati! Kyllä tuntuu todella ihanalta tämä uusi käänne, kun löytyi paikka missä voin keskittyä omaan juttuuni. Ja ilman muuta tulet sitten käymään, sen kun ilmoitat vain :)!!

  2. Pasi says:

    Upeita kuvia! Pus

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