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Last week we had a chance to take some time off and spent a few days walking the streets of Stockholm, something that has rather become a November tradition. When in town, a visit to a certain vintage store in Vasastad is simply a must. Last year I picked up some wonderful crystal beads (and I haven’t had the heart to use most of them…), an amazing black suede coat by Loewe (40€!!!) and some fantastic old coathangers covered with moss green velvet (3€ a piece!!). This year I also walked away with some interesting vintage jewellery materials (rhinestones galore!) and I hope to present all of them very soon.

First thing off the batch however is a handful of chunky white pearls, approximately 12mm in diameter (I haven’t checked). It was just like last year. I saw a glass bowl at the back of a shelf, pulled it out and there they were. The beads are rather heavy so I believe them to be glass pearls with a very interesting, satiny white coating. These pearly whites go very well together with antique patinated brass and with a long string of smoky quartz and sodalite gems added, the outcome is the Naturally Wiser necklace.

Naturally wiser necklace
Naturally Wiser necklace
The necklace is 85cm long so it can easily be worn either long or short.

The Naturally Wiser set started off from this bracelet and the porcelain owl that I got from London. Ok, I know owls are everywhere this year (I wonder what will be next year’s totem animal? I’m betting for the giraffe, or perhaps the wolf. One can hope.) but I admire owls so much and couldn’t resist these beads when I saw them.

Naturally wiser bracelet

I hope that whoever ends up wearing this bracelet doesn’t care about the trend either but will wear it even after such trends wither away. I know for a fact that at least in Finnish jewellery tradition animal motifs were worn in order to gain some the powers and abilities of that particular animal, like the bear or a snake. In some cultures birds are a symbol of bad luck, even death but in Finland it’s just the opposite as birds have been considered powerful charms of good fortune. I do believe some good luck and a dose of the owl’s silent wisdom is something all of us could find useful, even if their symbol in this case is merely a little Chinese porcelain owl.

Good night, Gamla Stan
Good night, Stockholm. Thanks for being so beautiful and so close.

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  1. Gesi says:

    Voi miten kauniita koruja! Värit toimii yllättävän hyvin yhdessä. 🙂

  2. Merja Turunen says:

    Tuollaisen tahtoisin!

    1. No minultahan sellaisen saisit! 🙂

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