Making an entrance

I’m blushing. A pair of earrings I made over four years ago made it to the President’s Independence Day ball on December 6th. And while watching the event on tv, I actually managed to spot the young lady in a blue gown, wearing my Glittering Darkness earrings! Wow. Who would have thought? Cheers!!

Glittering Darkness earrings version 2
Glittering Darkness earrings, from way back in 2007.

Now I’m puzzled. Should I bring back this style? Perhaps I should, at least in a mildly updated version. To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Making an entrance

  1. I’m not surprised at all! OF COURSE your earrings were there. After all, there are some people with a sense of style invited…
    And please, pretty please, do bring back the style… There are some bloggers queuing for those…

  2. Kaisu, my cheerleader number one!!

  3. maijanmaja says:

    I would definitely wear a pair of your earrings at that kind of event!
    The style of Glittering Darkness resonates with me, too…

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