Ice Chandelier and friends

Well well, it’s winter now isn’t it. Heaps of new snow coming every day and the sky stays cloudy and grey… I haven’t seen the sun in somewhat two weeks. What does this mean to me every year? It means that photography is a nightmare and pictures turn out gloomy. If there’s no light there’s no light, it’s as simple as that. I photograph what I possibly can and some pieces just have to wait. But nevertheless, I’m extremely happy in my new atelier! I now have all my own furniture there and am really starting to feel at home. I hope that I’ll be able to spend more and more time there working in the near future…

Snowbell earrings

Snowbell earrings feature the same vintage, second-hand glass pearls that I introduced in the Naturally Wiser necklace. I love these chunky, satiny white beads and will make a whole series of earrings with them.

Ice Chandelier necklace
Ice Chandelier

Ice Chandelier has followed in the footsteps of Snowflake Chandelier from days gone by. The brass filigree is adorned with glass beads except for the one, pale aquamarine gemstone. A very delicate piece.

Muse earrings

A new pair of Muse earrings is exactly as the one before, but these aquamarine drops have a yellowish colour tone with hints of brown and just a tiny shade of green. Natural and bohemian, no two gems are alike.

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