What can I say? I’ll try to come up with something.


Five intensive days in Berlin last week have left me awestruck. On top of it all, since we got back late Thursday evening I haven’t even left the apartment because I got ill almost straight away! So, I’ve just been dwelling in the memories and in my feverish dreams I’ve been walking the streets of Berlin over and over again.


I had my camera with me but I soon came to realize that somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to to take many photos (the few that I took with my phone are here). I was too busy just looking, seeing, sensing. So many layers of history and striking contrasts, so much creative energy, more amazing street art than I have ever seen in my entire life, one quirky detail after another and another and another. To photograph one thing and not another would have been an impossible choice for me, so I mostly let it be and just enjoyed with all my heart.

Cafés were always nice and also inexpensive. It was fun to have breakfast in a different café every morning.

I have to admit that I’m not a photographer at heart (sadly, frustratingly), it doesn’t come naturally to me to look at things from behind the lense, I’m too impatient for that. Luckily my hubby is my complete opposite in that sense. There’s already over 200 pictures in his fantastic Berlin Flickr gallery and probably more to come. I warmly recommend the slideshow.

Chen ché
Gorgeous Vietnamese restaurant in Mitte.

When it comes to jewellery materials, I made a few interesting finds. These Art Deco dress clips will make glorious necklaces once I tune them up a bit, since sadly they have lost  all their rhinestones. Here they are after a bubble bath, scrub and polish. The clips are covered in rust so I’ll remove them and turn these into pendants…

Art Deco dress clips

Berlin bead shops were expensive and focused on materials that I don’t use so much, but I found a few things, like mother of pearl and vibrant coloured cloisonne beads that I don’t like to order online (it’s much better to choose them by hand, in order to get the nicest ones).


There were just so many things and places that I had to leave behind for the lack of time. Can I just go back to Berlin? Like, immediately?

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