Hands of Time

Naturally the hands of time are turning every second but there are moments when some turns are heavier than others.  I’m about to go through a major change in my life this week. My last day at work just and a leap into independence are just around the corner. Weird and COOL! New life, I salute you!

The below earrings feature a pair of vintage, sterling silver charms and added length and sparkle from rose quartz and swarovski crystals…

Hands of Time earrings
Hands of Time earrings

The bracelet is a slightly chunkier sibling to the Take it Easy bracelet from earlier days. Powdery rose elements soften the look and make a cool contrast to the smooth and shiny 10mm black onyxes.

Take it Easy bracelet in rose
Take it Easy in rose

Both items are available in my Etsy shop, welcome to take a look there. And remember also to put your thumb up for Fine van Brooklin on Facebook :). And a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already done so! Cheerio!

Take it easy bracelet in rose
Take it Easy in rose. Detail view of the extension chain.

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