Well! One week of having my own little pop up shop behind me and two more to go! Thanks so much to everyone who has come over so far, it has truly been a most exquisite pleasure!!!

I’ve enjoyed spending time at the Korjaamo culture center immensely. The place has undergone a major renovation during the summer months and has really broken out of its shell now. I really hope more and more people will soon find all that it has to offer. In addition to having a new art gallery (currently three different exhibitions), our pop up shop and a really nice and very reasonably priced bookshop with an amazing selection of cool postcards, notebooks, calendars etc, Korjaamo bar&kitchen also serves a tasty lunch on weekdays and a totally Berlin style huge brunch on weekends. There’s also a nice cafe and bar, theater, concert hall and the adorable tram museum… All under one roof! Think about it, where else can you get a glass of wine from the bar and then go wandering about in a gallery, browse through great books and maybe do some shopping as well? The atmosphere is very relaxed and in that sense really rather un-Finnish and I mean that in a good way. This weekend they even served free bubbly and fresh doughnuts at brunch just for the sake of it! Gros bisous! So do come over, eat, drink, shop and be merry :)!

Three Wishes necklace
Three Wishes necklace. Unique piece with silver, czech glass and a vintage chandelier crystal.

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