Time Travel

Staying at Pension Funk in beautiful Charlottenburg was almost like time travel of sorts.

I like travelling alone but the downside is usually the fact that there’s nothing much to to do in the later evening. But here I felt so utterly comfortable, that just staying in the room was inspiring. I just enjoyed reading magazines, writing notes, planning the next day, pretending I was Asta Nielsen :). Didn’t miss the tv one bit either. Here’s what I wrote down the night of my arrival:

Pension Funk, Berlin

“Well well well! You know those moments when you go somewhere and immediately get the feeling that you’ve entered inside your own head? Or at least a very pleasant dream? It’s like there are nice and familiar places but then there are these Very Special Places that instantly feel like a part of you somehow. Pension Funk is one of those places of the latter kind. I’m blown away with awe.”

Pension Funk, Berlin
Pension Funk, Berlin

The rest of the pics are here.

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