I’ve always felt that continental Europe should be experienced by train. Now finally having done just the one trip from Berlin to Paris, I’m sure of it: this really is the way to travel if you’re not in a terrible hurry. And why should you be!

Eight and a half hours on a train might sound long versus an hour in the air, but I can’t help but prefer the feeling of real movement that you get on the railway. Actually seeing the scenery change gives a sense of a different kind of freedom. There’s something exciting and romantic about it as well, thinking that despite your destination you might decide to hop off at any station and just… disappear…

Train journey from Berlin to Paris

Obviously it wasn’t the Orient Express but I had a strike of luck when booking my ticket from Deutsche Bahn: a seat in first class for only 10€ extra cost! Not to be missed!

Train journey from Berlin to Paris

The additional leg-room, on-seat service and a delicious free lunch after Mannheim were quite the cherry on top of this nice journey. And it was a surprisingly quick 8,5 hours. 🙂


In the romantic notion of living like a genuine international woman of mystery and mischief, I was kind of hoping to meet a dashing count or baron who would have insisted upon becoming my patron. Well, that didn’t happen but oh, I suppose you really just cannot have everything…

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