Moments in Marais

One of the my most important experiences on my “grand voyage” in February was visiting the wholesale shops of jewellery materials in Paris. This was something I had never before been able to do. Here are a few images from one of these amazing Marais stores…


I must say that my heart started pounding quite fast when I discovered that there was also a basement in this shop, full of my favourite, classic, faceted czech glass beads. With no-one breathing down my neck, I had all the time in the world and I don’t know how long I spent there but it was quite a while. I was a little embarrassed to hassle the kind ladies with my endless questions but they didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps I wasn’t the only customer in the world who had difficulty making up her mind in front of that breathtaking selection.

Hunting for beads in Paris

On another day in Marais I stumbled upon something quite different but absolutely adorable! Chez Dentelles, who according to the very cutely home-made website calls itself maybe the tiniest shop in Paris. This might very well be true and what a miniature wonderland this shop was!

Chez Dentelles, Paris

The beautiful vintage cotton&lace nightgowns and lingerie were to die for but quite pricey so I decided just to admire and fiddle with them a little.

Chez Dentelles, Paris
Chez Dentelles, Paris

It fit the picture perfectly that the elderly Japanese owner-lady was extremely tiny herself, as the shop was so small that you had to be really careful just turning around in there :). When I got to talking with her and she discovered that I was hunting for beads, she pulled out some treasures that weren’t on display. I managed to buy from her some vintage glass beads and faux pearl charms from the 1920s, 30s and 50s, my favourite eras of the 20th century. I recently began working on a series of earrings made from those particular beads. So nice. I adore working with vintage materials.

Étoile du Nord earrings

I think I must have been blushing when I stepped out from Chez Dentelles, I was so happy.

Chez Dentelles, Paris

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  1. Deborah Rubin says:

    My favorite store in Paris! Love the photos

    1. finevanbrooklin says:

      Thanks, Deborah! Since that first visit back in the day, it has been my firm favourite as well! 🙂

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