Lady Edith’s hair

Downton Abbey. Oh, yes, a sight for sore eyes. The series has always been a visual feast but somehow I think that this last season 4 tops all when it comes to breathtaking dresses and jewellery. I was well smitten when in one of the episodes I noticed something familiar in Lady Edith’s beautiful hairdo. The crescent Moon shaped rhinestone pin is almost exactly like the vintage pendant in a necklace I made last winter called Many Moons Ago! There was no clasp or needle of any sort left in the piece I found in a vintage shop in Stockholm and I always wondered about whether it had perhaps been a brooch. It’s quite possible it could have been a hair accessory as well!

Many Moons Ago necklace

I really do take in quite a bit of inspiration from the fashions I see in these well made costume dramas be it on film or tv, especially for when I work with my most treasured vintage materials. I create the pieces in my own style but it feels important to get deeper into the spirit of the original era of the vintage bits as they are most often also the focal point of the final piece. It’s not often that I come across a rhinestone treasure like the one above but when I do, I really put my best effort into giving it new life as a modern heirloom of sorts.

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