Something Very Snappy

I started searching for pictures of vintage sheet music, album covers and other music related things on Pinterest the other day and totally by chance came across this cheerful image. Ritzi Mitzi :)! I’ve been making a series of earrings under the name Mitzi since last Autumn and I can’t remember where the name came from back then. Of course I’d like to think I came up with it myself but I really can’t be sure at all. It just had such a playfully “flapperesque” ring to it, exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to portray in these funny but elegant, super long earrings.

3c8f177e0bb0cc6e3c18ea43347af8deRitzi Mitzi image found from Pinterest.

I’m personally very much into this earring style and will make a pair for myself as well once I manage to decide on the colour. One might think it’s a bit hard to wear something as long as even some 12cm but I’m very glad to have been able to prove that this is not the case at all. I’ve received very nice feedback from Mitzi-owners (and those who took home earrings from the previous similar mini-series Maschera).

Mitzi Emerald TreasureMitzi Emerald Treasure earrings

This type of light-weight and slim earrings are surprisingly comfortable as long as you remember to take a little care when wearing a big scarf of changing your clothes, but it’s really the same with all earrings to be honest. It’s good to stay a little conscious of what you’re wearing, isn’t it? Also, when earrings are this long, they really do suit just about any face shape (as do simple studs, the complete opposite to Mitzi). They don’t drag your features down, quite the contrary.

Mitzi Ice Maiden 2Mitzi Ice Maiden earrings

It’s the extra cheer coming from little danglies happily swirling away on both sides of your face that actually lights up your eyes and helps you maintain a slightly mysterious smile all through the day and into the night. Something very snappy to ensure only positive attention for all Ritzi Mitzi girls, ha!

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