J a n u a r y…

Aaargh, January is sooo long. I’m sadly not a winter person at all and have been feeling quite discouraged on all levels during the last few weeks. With a lump in my throat I went to my studio this afternoon, once again quite certain about the fact that I would yet again just stare at the table. But I suppose I’ve done enough of staring and fiddling with my beads, rummaging through countless images, tossing and turning in my bed, crying, complaining and dreaming as today I actually conjured up something new for the ever popular and currently almost sold out Mitzi series of long, flapper style earrings! So, there’s a start. The atelier (= the factory :)) is open. More to come soon, I promise.

The picture above is of a recent fun discovery. I got this vintage silver cutlery box from a flea market, fascinated with the decadent red inside lining. It turned out perfect for jewellery storage and a nice addition to the selection of little boxes on my dressing table. Storing jewellery well so they don’t get tangled up, scratching and tarnishing each other is an important part of jewellery care. I’d love to hear how you like to store your jewellery treasures. Do you enjoy making displays with open racks or keep your baubles in boxes and pouches? Have you come up with solutions that you haven’t seen elsewhere or been inspired by someone else’s ideas? Please don’t hesitate to share!

f824127425fbe7059721fe9770ab1322                                   Adorable display found on Pinterest.

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