A Dreamer’s Song to Life

When did you last have a dream where you were able to fly?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a wonderful dream I had 2-3 years ago. I was flying above a small mediaeval village, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, observing the little stony streets, alleyways and squares below me. At last I landed on the roof of a house to admire the view from there. This is when I noticed a group of people walking on what seemed to be the main street. Happily chatting, humming and singing as they went, they also had a group of musicians in the front whose instruments were decorated with colourful ribbons, tassles and flags. Also above the street between the houses ribbons with flags and flower garlands had been placed in a festive manner.

After this happy gathering had passed, I didn’t see any more people anywhere. There was a soft scent of salt water in the warm breeze of the afternoon and I could hear a little fountain dripping somewhere, as well as crickets singing. I could vividly feel the warmth of the roof-tiles underneath my feet.
Scent of Summer 4-string bracelet 2

 Stories, memories and warmth packed in eternal stones seem to be guiding my work at the moment as well. The Summer styles of Fine van Brooklin feature those same sun-scorched, soft tones of bronze, copper, honey, roses, poppies, pearls, marble and spices. For example the already partly published, delicious Scent of Summer series receives many additions and another, slightly quirkier series called Old Caroussel will also follow soon. The adorable Mitzi earrings come with similar colour tones and there will be more of those as well.
Mitzi St. Tropez earrings
I’ll be using recycled vintage materials as much as possible and most of the upcoming jewellery will be easy to mix and match with the wide selection I already have existing. Even though the year and season have once again changed, Fine van Brooklin always stands most for its own distinctive and free style that’s here to stay. I sincerely hope that You will also find your own favourite story and style here.
Lea <3

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