Oh, happy day!

Last Summer I had the pleasure of helping a lovely young bride create a dreamy outfit for her wedding. She was so happy with the jewellery I made her that she was kind enough let me show some pictures to all of you. Thank you so much, dear Marine!

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I used to have a light green multistrand bracelet called No Wall Flower in my collection, and it had caught Marine’s eye. This bracelet had also previously made it to a photoshoot of the Finnish wedding magazine Häät. Marine loved the green colour and the general style of the bracelet but she was hoping to also have classic white pearls in her wedding jewellery as well as a hint of some rosy colour to match her flower crown and bouquet. So I replaced the clear crystals with pearls, as well as added one whole string of pearls to go along the entire bracelet. Also, instead of bright fuchsia crystal drops, I chose a soft antique rose colour. Here’s the result.


The matching earrings were designed with the basis in my popular Mitzi earrings. I’m so happy that Marine decided to go for the super long, thin Mitzi style because I think it compliments her whole look just perfectly! The materials and colours for the earrings were taken from the bracelet, same antique rose crystals, white pearls and a hint of green. Here they are!


I have many pieces in my collection that are fit for a wedding as they are. However, with this project it was wonderful to see how some styles that haven’t exactly been created with a bridal style in mind at all, can quite easily be turned into just that with slight adjustments to the choice of materials. It was fun planning this jewellery together with the bride, and it also made me very happy that she trusted my abilities as a designer to make the final finishing touches the way I saw best. I think all in all we made a great collaboration and came up with jewellery that Marine can wear also in many other occasions in the future!

With that said, I welcome all brides to be who like the Fine van Brooklin style of jewellery, to contact me absolutely any time. Always glad to work with such happy sweeties! 🙂

Blogiin 2Congratulations, Marine & Ville! <3



3 thoughts on “Oh, happy day!

  1. Marine says:

    Thank you so much Lea for the bracelet and earrings, they were fabulous <3

  2. Laura E. says:

    Olet kyllä upean lahjakas koru taitelijatar ☺️❤️. T:Laura

    1. finevanbrooklin says:

      Voi kiitos paljon, Laura!

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