Photo: Tiina Karhula. Model: Johanna.

I think I’m not the only one who can’t help but feel like a dark abyss is upon us this time of the year. November is one mean bugger. In fact, November calls for the help of a totem animal, preferably a live one but wearing its’ image is also a surprising solace. I personally wear mainly my Birds of Peace / Paradise Garden earrings at the moment. Paradise Garden earrings and the matching necklace are available from the Fine van Brooklin online shop, as well as Boutique Minne in Turku. I was also glad to recently receive a refill in the adorable vintage milk glass drops that remind me of a white dove and was able to bring the simple Birds of Peace drop earrings back in stock after a break. I’ll send some more to Turku also asap.

Some kind of adorable messenger doves can also be found in my latest Pompadour series. The Toledo earrings feature bits from a vintage Spanish toledo bracelet that had delicate golden bird designs on them. I made three pairs of these earrings but have only one left now!

Dolphins are brilliant and intriguing animals, aren’t they? Earlier this year when I came across a chance to buy a batch of magical looking vintage brass dolphins (old stock from the 1970s), I took it. Some Atlantis Dolphin earrings are available in their original cool aqua colour, and now I’ve brought in a chic black alternative as well. These dolphins can also be found at Cilla’s boutique in Helsinki. According to one customer of mine, whenever she has worn these earrings, she has received especially admiring feedback from “cute men”. How refreshing!

Alongside the dolphins, I also bought vintage brass fauna of the four legged kind at the same time earlier this year. Honeybunny earrings feature small and cute but humorously tough looking rabbits that seem to be wearing a crown! The white porcelain bead suggests a white rabbit, just like how our wild friends will soon look, bouncing about in snowy forests. Or is it the one Alice followed to Wonderland, you decide! Honeybunny might still be available at Cilla’s store and I have one pair left in the Fine van Brooklin online shop.

Yesterday I released Meow earrings, featuring the fiercest looking vintage brass cat faces (again, old stock from the 1970s) I’ve ever seen. Loooove! I teamed the kitties up with shiny black onyx gemstones and hung them on long golden hooks, and was super happy with the result. The sad thing is, I only had one pair of those cats to begin with, and have been searching to find more of them for weeks. The one pair of earrings was sold immediately after I listed it up for sale last night, and I sincerely hope I’ll be able to make more of Meow later. I messaged one of my favourite sellers of vintage brass items today and she promised to look into it and get back to me soon. I’m hopeful!! Meow received lots of love from many of you so if the cat is your totem animal and you missed the unique earrings, message me so I can let you know if Meow gets back in stock!

Finally, I bet many of us have sometimes dreamed about just growing a pair of wings ourselves. And look, that’s exactly what this fantastic feminine creature in the form of vintage brass has done! To end this post on totems, I introduce to you Green Goddess, the uninhibited and hands down gorgeous woman who can fly. What will you say about that, November?


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