Working with vintage jewellery materials is always fascinating, but I get to do it quite rarely. I’m really picky when it comes to materials and too busy (=lazy) to go around hunting for treasures from flea markets and antique fairs often enough. When I do find materials that I like, I usually fall in love with them so much that eventually it’s hard to let the finished project go. However,… Read more

Clouds gathering…

Mata Hari returns in the hues of a stormy sky of black and blue… Mata Hari in storm

Nights of Azure

Recently I’ve had this longing to mix together the rough and the smooth. The sheer, almost annoying perfection and dazzle of the identically cut Swarovski crystals, combined with the matt, uneven, scruffy and adorably unique natural stones… Nights of Azure earrings Nights of Azure bracelet. Another view here.

In the Trees

It’s June. Flowers in full bloom and a lot of chirping, singing and rattling going on in the trees… In the Trees earrings. Full view here. In the Trees bracelet. More pictures here and here.

Anything goes as long as there are flowers…

Welcome to the Artist’s Garden… Artist’s garden in clear crystal I love this gorgeous “fairy ribbon”. Soft and comfortable against the skin and looks beautifully bohemian when tied on a luscious double bow to the neck or asymmetrically on the collarbone. Artist’s garden in turquoise. Detail view here.

Spring studio

I know I’ve been a really lazy blogger but all I can say is that I’ve just really needed a break. It’s no use writing if one doesn’t feel like it. I haven’t written or much visited blogs during the last couple of months, there have been so many other things to occupy my thoughts. And although it may seem as if I haven’t been up to any jewellery at… Read more

Keys of Calm

It’s March and I have my usual craving to wear no other gems than amethysts. It’s a shame that they all look quite black in these photos… Agatha earrings. For once, these darlings are mine. A holiday break of twelve days came just in time because I really need a change of scenery for a while. My North Carelian roots are calling me loud and clear so the only thing… Read more


WordPress has refused to co-operate with me all night. Now that it started working I’m too tired to write. See you later. In the meantime… Thai Rose Bohemian Royalty in amethyst Almost Spring

In my element…

… is where I have been this month, taking care of the lovely boutique, Kolme toivomusta and having my jewellery there. A huge Thank You to everyone who’s come to visit me during the last three weeks!! The last weekend of January is here and luckily I’ll be able to stretch the opening hours a little bit. In case anyone who still wants to come and didn’t get my Facebook… Read more

Fine van Brooklyn @ Kolme toivomusta

Ladies and gentlemen! This is a Very Important Announcement. The year 2010 kicks off in an exciting mode for Fine van Brooklyn. Starting on Thursday, January 7th and from then on until the end of the month, my jewellery collection is available in a “pop up shop” in Kolme toivomusta, an adorable boutique for small vintage goods and “boudoir antiques” here in Helsinki. Yours truly will also be there so… Read more