Desert Island

I’ve been playing around with rustic colours and little shells during the last few days. The result so far is three bracelets and a set of earrings under the “Desert Island” title. Later on there will probably be at least one necklace to go with these as well. Castaway There’s something relaxing about working with this kind of materials. The mind drifts to faraway places as the light shells rattle… Read more

Winter chill

Tuesday was a cold, cold day. When I woke up, I felt a chill despite the two blankets in which I had wrapped myself. I got up and put on several layers of flannel and wool. After a steaming bowl of café au lait and a stack of toast I was feeling better for a while, but soon I felt a coldness in my bones again. That’s when I went… Read more

Agua de beber

Do I have a slight obsession with amazonites and aquamarines? Probably, yes. Aquatic shades are a huge long time favourite for me. The last (at least for a while) of the lovely faceted, round amazonites were used in this necklace. Chateau I rarely use copper findings but this one stole my heart. I wanted to use silver wire though, and in my opinion it works, as the colour of the… Read more

Conversations nécessaires

Little Bloggy Fairy behind left ear: “Come on, come ON! Just get that new blogging year started, Lea!” Moi: “Look, I haven’t got the energy. I’m exhausted. It’s dark, foggy and raining. Depressing. What’s there to talk about? The world is ending anyway.” Le Concert au Salon Bloggy Fairy: ” You’re just being lazy. You are! Stop complaining, the darkness is the same for everyone, they’re all struggling with the… Read more

Holidays are coming…

Busy, busy, busy! That’s how I’ve been these last few weeks. Phew! Luckily tomorrow we’ll be heading off to the country for a few days of relaxation and a traditional family Christmas. I can hardly wait!!! Jewellery wrapped and ready to go… So, thank you for all your sweet comments and messages this past year, they really mean a lot to me! Thanks also to everyone who has shown interest… Read more

Candles, gems and glitter

In this miserable rain and darkness candles, gems and glitter bring a little hope to the weary soul. I’m making jewellery all the time but photographing is nerve-racking in this ever present gloominess, so I haven’t photographed most of my latest pieces yet. “Charming” bracelet with czech and pressed glass beads and a couple of amethysts. My current favourite colour combo has been this aqua/amethyst mix. I don’t know, it… Read more

Partir, c’est mourir un peu.

That French phrase above, “leaving is like dying a little” is so true in my case. I’m the kind of person who hates goodbyes. Really hates them. Leaving, whether it’s me who’s going or someone else, is always equally hard to bear. I love my home but I also have my other home in the country, where all the rest of my family is as well. On top of that,… Read more

The Big Apple

I’ve been a bad blogger. Sorry dear ones! As of late I’ve either been too busy or just haven’t had the inspiration for posting. I’ve been making quite a few new jewellery pieces though and feeling really good about the way they’ve turned out. Last week I had a most cheerful visit from three lovely girls who came by just to see my jewellery. They gave me a huge confidence… Read more


Hello, again! Just making a bit of a personal record here, three posts in two days! Illness seems to be a blog-friendly state. I’m better now though and will be returning to work tomorrow… At first I thought Vilma Banky, “The Hugarian Rhapsody” is holding a compact but no, it’s a rose… That postcard was found in Porvoo already last summer but the vintage, 1940’s roses that hang from the… Read more

Glittering darkness

I haven’t posted pictures of my treasured vintage postcards for a while, so here’s one that has been a bit of an inspiration recently. Priscilla Dean Another captivating gaze of a girl from the silent movie era. That velvety outfit looks so luxurious! I wonder what colour it was… Last month my friend asked me to create a necklace to go with her midnight blue party dress. She wanted something… Read more