Time machine

I keep staring at this picture. Kruununhaka, Helsinki, 1918 That could be me walking on the street there, just a few steps from home. Seriously. I have that hair. I am that height. I almost have that coat, just a little shorter. That shadow is cast by our building, our dear home, a house that’s turning a hundred years old this year. I’ve always wanted to step back in time… Read more

Europe. Home.

So we took a holiday. And of course it was cut short, as holidays tend to do. You go to a new place and for the first couple of days you just “run around like a headless chicken” (finnish expression, sorry! or is it an international expression? I don’t know but it’s a very clear one.), trying to get a hang of the city. You’re not quite sure if you… Read more


Well, well, well… I didn’t get as many decent photos in my “session” last week as I had hoped, so I won’t be able to show that many new pieces this time. Although this week the light has been great I simply haven’t had a chance to do any more photography either. That’s a bummer because I’ve finished quite a few colourful little numbers lately. Anyway, all that will have… Read more

Femme Fatale

Happy International Women’s day 2007! This set was created from chinese porcelain beads and snow quartz rounds alongside strawberry coloured, dyed and faceted quartz and some lovely corrugated silver beads from Argentina (hence my previous post). The larger beads are from 10 to 12 mm diameter so the bracelet is quite chunky and festive. Also the earrings are super long but not heavy at all, they look great with loose… Read more

Greetings from America Latina!

I don’t usually photograph my beads but this time I’ll make an exception. My friend recently came home after a six month stay in Buenos Aires. She had kindly agreed to be my “bead agent” there so I ended up buying a huge pile of silver beads, enough to last me a long time! Large silver beads of this kind are quite pricey and the selection in Finnish bead stores… Read more


About a week before Christmas I came across this necklace at Vanha’s xmas fair (huge fair held every year in Helsinki with loads of handmade goods). Another customer was trying to decide between this one and another similar necklace and I listened to the woman who had made them explain the pictures. Both neclaces featured pictures from Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, the other one being a detail from “Virgin of… Read more

Four Things

I was tagged a loooong time ago by Romina so now I’ll finally take the time to do it. This one is probably familiar to most of you. Four Things 4 jobs I’ve had: Haven’t had four jobs. Was a student for too long. Liked to have my summer holidays as summer holidays. Studied speech communcation and languages. Now working with jewellery and visual mercandising in a couple of different… Read more


In my pre-Christmas stress and misery I made a bunch of necklaces in the same style as Green Lady featured in a previous post. It’s funny how good things rise out of low spirits, since my mood has elevated along with the jewellery. All the new necklaces (including Green Lady)were sold almost immediately as they appealed to a few young men who were on a lookout for Christmas gifts. At… Read more

Merry Christmas…

…to every one of you readers of Fine van Brooklyn! Thanks for all the lovely support and encouragement! Wishing You a relaxing Christmas weekend and an exciting New Year, Lea 🙂 Baroque in Ruby photographed with an image from “Parisian Fashion, La Gazette du Bon Ton”. Swarovski props and red garnets make a perfect match.

A writer’s block. And it must stop NOW.

I apologise in advance for the negativity in this post. That’s just the way I feel, so I hope that you won’t abandon me for it. Because seriously, if I don’t write something now I feel like I’ll never write again, so blocked with blogging I feel. I feel stuck in every other way too, and I can’t think of another reason except quite simple light-deprivation. I wish I hadn’t… Read more