Baroque, snow etc.

Well, well, well. The winter is here!! It started snowing already last week but this morning’s blizzard made it quite clear that the Autumn has been cut short. Everything is covered in white. I’m not sure if I like this at all. I’ll decide later. Today I’ve stayed inside all day doing housework and sitting at the computer, arranging photos, updating Flickr, reading blogs, surfing. I’m listening to Radio Nova… Read more

That’s a fine van you got there!

Is there a better way to lift up your spirits on a rainy day than seeing what your dear old blog looks like in another language, preferrably one that you don’t speak very well? I say there isn’t, at least when just about everything has been translated, even the bits that aren’t really supposed to be. As WordPress allows me to see which links people have clicked to find my… Read more


What a week this has been! Work has been insanely busy, I’m so looking forward to Sunday! Also, our little apartment is a complete mess because we have a new computer. This of course is a wonderful thing but until we get the old one out we can’t use our kitchen table and there are electrical cords, manuals, batteries, plugs, everything from a torch to empty cd’s all over the… Read more

Fatal attraction? Or vintage postcards part 3

I’ve been a bad blogger these past few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy and tired but am slowly working on some new jewellery that I hope to be able to show soon. In the meantime I’ll tell you another story and I hope not to bore you to tears. Earlier this year I’ve blogged about my few but tresured vintage postcards. Almost all of them are from “Borgå Antik”, a… Read more


I’m down with a cold so I’ve spent the day on the sofa reading and watching tv. As it’s my day off I could have thought of something else to do as well, but I can’t help it now. Sneeze! I rarely recommend books because it’s such a matter of personal taste but this time I can’t shut up about one. I’ve just finished Carlos Luis Zafón’s “The Shadow of… Read more

La vie urbaine

So, the beautiful and inspirational summer holidays are over. No more relaxing country living, it’s time to bring out the city girl again and start behaving like one. I’m such a Gemini, I’ll never figure out which of the two I am, country or city? Just have to have them both somehow and I’m happy to be able to do that. I think I adore Cecil Beaton above all photographers… Read more

Shimmy Werner

It’s inspiring to me to pair up my jewellery creations with some lovely vintage images. Here’s what I found from my own small sheet music collection. This one is from 1922. I really like the decadent red mixed with the pureness of white and green. In this bracelet and earrings I teamed chinese porcelain beads up with snow quartz and green glass beads. More new summer jewellery on Flickr.

Back again

Gosh, I’ve been away for a whole month! It feels difficult to return to blogging after such a long silence, even though I really want to! I’ve been reading through other people’s blogs for the past few days and it’s been very entertaining! It’s such a joy to see the wonderful things that people have created and the witty texts they’ve written. I’ve also made fantastic Flickr discoveries, including this… Read more

Black & white magic

Sticking to the melon theme, here’s Jane Fonda having a bite in 1966. I just love black&white photographs like these. What do you suppose the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor with her amazing jewels is whispering to Richard burton?.. Here’s one more fun pic, more loveliness by Claude Azoulay can be found here.

Ode to the Watermelon

Oh, watermelon, how I adore thee! Thy beautiful shades of red and green, thy sweet taste but zero calories. Thou art the savior of a thirsty girl on a hot summer’s day. With this bracelet I salute You, oh Watermelon! Cherry quartz, czech glass and African hand painted bead. And what’s a bracelet without some earrings to match?