Something Very Snappy

I started searching for pictures of vintage sheet music, album covers and other music related things on Pinterest the other day and totally by chance came across this cheerful image. Ritzi Mitzi :)! I’ve been making a series of earrings under the name Mitzi since last Autumn and I can’t remember where the name came from back then. Of course I’d like to think I came up with it myself… Read more

Lady Edith’s hair

Downton Abbey. Oh, yes, a sight for sore eyes. The series has always been a visual feast but somehow I think that this last season 4 tops all when it comes to breathtaking dresses and jewellery. I was well smitten when in one of the episodes I noticed something familiar in Lady Edith’s beautiful hairdo. The crescent Moon shaped rhinestone pin is almost exactly like the vintage pendant in a… Read more


  Dear You! I have a dream of reviving this blog from its beauty sleep :). I miss writing stories about things that inspire me and about my jewellery projects! I don’t know how it’s been so hard to keep up this past year but better late than never, I hope! I’ll be back soon, but in the meantime and in celebration of a brand spanking New Year 2014 I’m… Read more

Moments in Marais

One of the my most important experiences on my “grand voyage” in February was visiting the wholesale shops of jewellery materials in Paris. This was something I had never before been able to do. Here are a few images from one of these amazing Marais stores… I must say that my heart started pounding quite fast when I discovered that there was also a basement in this shop, full of… Read more


I’ve always felt that continental Europe should be experienced by train. Now finally having done just the one trip from Berlin to Paris, I’m sure of it: this really is the way to travel if you’re not in a terrible hurry. And why should you be! Eight and a half hours on a train might sound long versus an hour in the air, but I can’t help but prefer the… Read more

The quality of things

I bought a very stylish, grey vintage (probably 1950s-60s) umbrella from the Arkonaplatz flea market in Berlin. Although I much dislike rain and especially walking in it, I have a strange affection for umbrellas and have quite a few of them. Well, anyway, I couldn’t resist this one, it was so lightweight, lean and slender and in perfect working order. Like something out of “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”. I had… Read more

Time Travel

Staying at Pension Funk in beautiful Charlottenburg was almost like time travel of sorts. I like travelling alone but the downside is usually the fact that there’s nothing much to to do in the later evening. But here I felt so utterly comfortable, that just staying in the room was inspiring. I just enjoyed reading magazines, writing notes, planning the next day, pretending I was Asta Nielsen :). Didn’t miss… Read more

Grand Voyage

Well, maybe it wasn’t such a “grand voyage” but to ME it was such in more ways than one. The type of one woman adventure I had always wanted to have. And I’ve solemnly vowed to myself it won’t be the last of this genre, oh no. I actually meant to blog from the road but never had a sufficiently powerful wi-fi connection for the WordPress app to work with… Read more

Time for something new

Dear reader, please join me from now on at my new blog Finest Moments. Welcome along!

Let’s go!

Unnecessary ramblings aside, it’s time for a new blog! I reckon this will be a series of notes in the form of “whatever works to currently inspire, entchant and nourish the mind, heart and hands of Fine van Brooklin“. Welcome along!