These are the surroundings in which I spent last weekend. Here is where I grew up and where my roots run deep. The view is from our sauna towards the river. This weekend away, charging my batteries was essential in order for me to to stay sane until my summer holiday starts in three weeks’ time. Counting the days, counting the days… Here’s another view from the same spot. I… Read more

Nymphs in the park

I made a Google picture search for the word “nymphs” recently and came across this delightful image. It led me to a most wonderful Flickr set of old Hollywood photos. I just had to share. I hope all you fabulous bloggers out there are having as swell of a time as these lovely ladies here! And I hope that next time I’ll have some new jewellery to show. That would… Read more

Waiting for inspiration

I had sworn to myself that I would try to blog at least every 7-10 days but looks like these kind of things can't be decided. Summer is here and it's hard to stay put. I'm anxiously waiting for Midsummer weekend (23rd to 25th of this month), as we'll be taking a mini vacation in my hometown of Joensuu then. Getting together with my family, home cooking and sauna awaits,… Read more


I finally sat down and made this bracelet and matching earrings the other night. There’s something about this combination of turquoise and red that really appeals to me although red is a colour I seldom wear. The vintage sheet music used as background seems to be from the 1920s, at least there’s the date August 28th 1925 written by hand in one corner by the previous owner. I found this… Read more

Vintage postcards part 2

Oh, just check out the gown that she’s wearing! So graceful and elegant. Constance Talmadge (1897-1973) was a star of the silent movie era, making over 80 films. This postcard was found in the charming historical town of Porvoo a couple of summers ago. This reminds me that another daytrip there would be nice to do this summer!

Vintage postcards part 1

I don’t have a big collection of vintage postcards. I don’t even actually collect them but every once in a while I see something that I simply must have. When there’s something about a certain image that touches me on a deeper level. Many times I don’t even know what that certain something is, what makes one picture more beautiful and appealing than the other. In my neighborhood there’s a… Read more

Work and play

I’ll start this blog entry with a lovely picture. This heart-breakingly beautiful image is the work of Misty Mawn, an artist I completely fell in love with after finding her via Sweetpea Jes. I’m beat. Nine days of work in a row. Then two days of studying. (Sunday will be my first day off for almost two weeks!) When I would much rather do aaaaaanything but those. Like doing a… Read more

Summer colours

Someone will receive these earrings as a gift tomorrow on her 30th birthday… I hope she will like them!!! Made with silver wire, chalk turquoise and czech crystal beads, this style is really simple but I like these fresh colours very much. And here they are wrapped and ready. I love to wrap things! The photo is what it is… Seems like our kitchen table serves as background for most… Read more

New coat bliss

My boyfriend found another great website that features all sorts of fun, vintage advertisements. I never get tired of flicking through them. Perfume ads are a big favourite of mine. Another long time favourite little thing is of course vintage labels. Vintagelabels.org has a fantastic selection of luggage labels. Oh, I made a lovely purchase yesterday. I was walking down the street on my way to work, thinking that my… Read more

Night time

Like I said in my last post, I was feeling a bit sad the other night. So, to make myself feel better I sat down to do a bit of beading. I came up with this light spring set made with silver, amazonite and pale amethyst beads, green czech firepolished crystals and a vintage silver heart. I wasn’t happy with the photos I took so I just photoshopped (and I… Read more