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I thought I’d share some art that has inspired me recently. I came across this fantastic site the other day, featuring absolutely to-die-for Art Deco prints. This one is by George Barbier. Telefon Tel Aviv, whose music I enjoy immensely, has a particularly stylish website. You can listen to whole tracks at the “listening station” and “discography”. I only found this artist recently although I guess they’ve been around for… Read more


Goodness me, I’ve been tagged by Kathleen! Five is supposed to be my lucky number, so let’s see how I can manage this… Five minutes to yourself: Well, it seems that almost every time I leave the house for work or whatever, I’m just about five minutes late and end up putting on my lipstick or earrings in the tram or elevator. If I could just have five more minutes… Read more

Beads & Music

I found some beautiful vintage sheet music the other day. One of them is this lovely blue Vintergatan (Winter Street in swedish) that functions nicely as a background for this wood/rose quartz necklace that I made out of my mothers old and broken necklaces from the 1950's. Although this is a winter image, the spring is finally on it's way even to Finland. It's been raining cats and dogs for… Read more


I’m someone who absolutely loaths and fears almost all kinds of nasty and ugly insects, so this is the only kind of bug that I can bear to have against my skin! And in turquoise it’s actually quite beautiful! I found this little scarab last summer in an old jewellery box back home in my old room. In the summer of 1990 us girls (me and my best friend M)… Read more

Slowly, surely…

I knew it was going to be difficult: it’s already been three weeks since my last post! But I’ve already received my first comment although I was sure that no-one had even noticed my tiny blog. How fantastic to read such encouraging words, thank’s a million Tiffini! Her work is amazing, by the way. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to order an optical lens necklace from her at some… Read more

So, I’ve finally started my very own blog! Wow, I’m still a bit confused! I must say, I had some serious doubts about this… First of all, I’m rather useless with computers, so it took a while to find a place where blogging is as easy as here at WordPress. Also, for a long time I felt that keeping a journal online was quite absurd. Writing down my thoughts and… Read more

First post ever

Video: Bebel Gilberto – Winter (Nuspirit Helsinki Remix)