Made to last

I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing Christmas weekend! I know I did and after a few extremely stressful weeks preceding the holidays, a break in the country was more than welcome. Now that we’re approaching the end of the year I’d like to wish all my readers, friends and supporters all the very best for the New Year 2012! Be happy! For this last post of 2011 I’d like… Read more

Making an entrance

I’m blushing. A pair of earrings I made over four years ago made it to the President’s Independence Day ball on December 6th. And while watching the event on tv, I actually managed to spot the young lady in a blue gown, wearing my Glittering Darkness earrings! Wow. Who would have thought? Cheers!! Glittering Darkness earrings, from way back in 2007. Now I’m puzzled. Should I bring back this style?… Read more

True Romance

…is what’s between me and my jewellery. True Romance bracelet featuring a vintage brass ornament alongside amazonite gems and czech glass. The clasp and findings are gold-fill and gold vermeil for a change.

Light and airy

Earrings here, bracelets on the way as soon as I get some clasps, a rather relevant detail there… Atelier earrings Eye of the Storm earrings. The dark indigo swarovski drops look almost black but they’re not. They’re amazing indigo blue and an absolute pain to photograph in this lack of light. It’s as if the clouds were hanging at street level!!

Naturally Wiser

Last week we had a chance to take some time off and spent a few days walking the streets of Stockholm, something that has rather become a November tradition. When in town, a visit to a certain vintage store in Vasastad is simply a must. Last year I picked up some wonderful crystal beads (and I haven’t had the heart to use most of them…), an amazing black suede coat… Read more

Colour code of the season

I took these photos with my phone a few weeks ago in Suomenlinna. It was a particularly beautiful, windy and sunny day that still had a dark, somehow melancholic and intriguing feel to it. Ever since London I’ve seen –or wanted to see– a misty Victorian twist in everything, and on that day especially I felt it everywhere for some reason. On top of it all, on that day I… Read more

I know the days are getting shorter but…

…I still made a new Freedom necklace out of these lovely, green prehnite stones, silver hummingbird and just one faceted labradorite to keep things interesting. It’s really not even that summery. And anyway, there’s always the next summer, right? Freedom necklace in green, pendant closeup Freedom necklace in green, detail view Freedom necklace in green, length 82cm.

Oh, Britannia!

English culture is something that I’ve held dear ever since my childhood and London has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. In my old single days I used to travel there frequently but as it happens, now more than a decade had passed since my last visit. Although I was very excited to finally go to London again, I was also a little nervous. I was… Read more

One more Trixie

Here’s one more addition to the Trixie bracelets family, The Trixie Pearl 2-string bracelet. I’m starting to completely run out of the black vintage beads used in this series but I think I’ll still continue with the black&white theme at least a little bit. We’ll see what else I’ll be able to conjure up, but in the meantime this bracelet along with the original 2-string bracelet and one pair of… Read more

Take it Easy

I haven’t really stocked up on jewellery materials for quite a long time but next week I’m most definetly going to do so… in LONDON! Travelling with my fantastically like-minded friend, I’ll be sure to stock up on grand inspiration as well. Welcome, 4-day mini holiday with your sophisticated afternoon tea in Knightsbridge, theatre night at the Royal Haymarket, Anthropologie in Regent Street, Covent Garden shopping, Keats House in Hampstead… Read more