And a happy…

Knock, knock! Who’s there? New Year! Happy 2011!

Dec 24&25/Merry merry!

To all my readers, Merry Christmas! Have a lovely holiday season! Nouveau Baroque earrings in black/emerald

Dec 23/Getting there

Heading towards North Carelia on a train that’s already two hours late, in -30 degrees, through the dark woods and snowy landscape bathing in cold moonlight. It’s almost Christmas.

Dec 22/Busy…

… like everyone else. But tomorrow we step on the train and the running and stressing stops for a few days. Finally. Now I’ll just have to finish packing.

Dec 20&21/Can’t help it

I talk to the tree. Amateurs sleep at night. Early risers, please don’t get offended.

Dec 19/T Plays It Cool

Sunday evening relaxation includes Marvin Gaye, Taylors of Harrogate green tea with jasmine, gingerbread cookies and beautiful papers & ribbons. What did you do today?

Dec 17/Tree

I’m busy with my tree. Is there anything more soothing after a hectic day than decorating a beautiful tree? Classic ornament bought from New York in 2007. The shop is really worth a visit if you happen to be there. Authentiques, 255 West 18th Street, Chelsea, NY. The tree has been melting in the attic all day and I’ve only just started adding the lights and unpacking ornaments. That’s why… Read more

Dec 16

In my home neighbourhood there are many nice shops and also studio spaces of creative folk that often feature interesting window displays. The craziest and most hilarious window belongs without a doubt to textile artist Sirkka Könönen, who is known (among many other things) for her incredibly ornate and skillfully knitted clothes and accessories. They are not at all my style, but the window of her studio/shop/showroom always makes me… Read more

Dec 15/Keys of Calm

Keys of Calm earrings, just in time for that last minute holiday stress :)! Keys of Calm earrings featuring goldstones, freshwater pearls and silver. Kynoch cycles. Old print of a very old ad.