Whoops, almost missed my advent calendar right after the kick-off! But no worries, it’s here, and it still Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturdayeeeee… I hardly ever get to go out on a Friday night because I usually have to get up early on Saturdays. This morning was no exception but I still managed to go out last night as well, and with a dear friend with whom I haven’t partied in… Read more

December 1-2-3

Late as I am always and from everything, I’ve still decided to challenge myself into posting something every day this month until Christmas. Advent calendar style! Starting with a simple new jewellery piece , a looong necklace featuring an adorable little silver bird, faceted black agate, an aquamarine drop, classic czech glass beads and silver findings. Liberté necklace Life is in the details. Having endured eight long months of renovation… Read more


…is not a crowd in simple, long earrings. Good chance for a bit of “colour-hifi” as well. Lavande long earrings Lavande medium earrings Mosaic earrings


Something a little more playful with cloisonne, carnelian, aquamarine, new jade, amethyst, smoky quartz, honey jade, aventurine, porcelain… Smile earrings Carnivale bracelet. Another view here.


A fairly luscious dose of gems and silver here with stunning filigree, faceted black agates, almost heart-shaped, blood red garnets and those familiar aquamarine drops, this time in light aqua and kind of eggshell blue & white. The earrings are super long but still very lightweight. They feature white aquamarines. Tudor earrings Tudor bracelet. Detail views here and here.

Fairy dust

More aquamarine teardrops and a handful of light green… Anemone earrings Anemone necklace Almost Autumn bracelet Almost Autumn necklace

La Douce Vie

If the chain on this bracelet looks familiar, you’ve been watching this old post closely. The light and airy silver bracelet, however plain, had somehow caught my eye at the time, but I wasn’t inspired to work on it until over a year later. I started by replacing the small and ordinary clasp with something more interesting (and also to add length to the 16cm chain) and then added a… Read more

Remembering the summer

It has been a challenge getting the ball rolling again after such a long break from jewellery making. I haven’t been in my greatest of moods as of late, partly out of the fear of having “lost it” and of “never coming up with another creative idea ever again”. I’ve decided to keep my studio space though. I’m so at ease there that it would be madness and a step… Read more


Hey, you! Muse necklace. Also here.

Summer Evening

This happens rarely. Due to one of my latest colour obsessions (green/black/pearl grey) and the relaxing atmosphere of the studio, I’ve actually managed to concentrate enough in order to create a whole series of pieces under the same name! Introducing Summer Evening… Earrings in green Short necklace 2-string bracelet Earrings in grey 4-string bracelet. Another view here. Long necklace+detachable dragonfly charm. Detail views here, here and here. Have a lovely… Read more