Dec 16

In my home neighbourhood there are many nice shops and also studio spaces of creative folk that often feature interesting window displays. The craziest and most hilarious window belongs without a doubt to textile artist Sirkka Könönen, who is known (among many other things) for her incredibly ornate and skillfully knitted clothes and accessories. They are not at all my style, but the window of her studio/shop/showroom always makes me… Read more

Dec 13

This Christmas I’ve decided that as many as possible of the gifts that I’m giving will be either… 1) Self made or handmade by others Eye of the Storm necklace 2) Vintage Vintage treasures at Kolme toivomusta store, Kalevankatu 33, Helsinki. 3) Something to eat or drink La Gourmandise by George Barbier via here as always. What are your christmas gift plans?

Remembering the summer

It has been a challenge getting the ball rolling again after such a long break from jewellery making. I haven’t been in my greatest of moods as of late, partly out of the fear of having “lost it” and of “never coming up with another creative idea ever again”. I’ve decided to keep my studio space though. I’m so at ease there that it would be madness and a step… Read more


October. The time of year when my every thought seems to turn to faraway lands. This time last year I was in Crete, the year before that In NYC. It’s time to reminisce… There’s a little shop in New York’s East Village that’s like a jewel. It’s Barbara Feinman Millinery on East 7th Street. As you can tell by the name, it’s a hat shop but there are also other… Read more

Wind in the trees on a Monday

I went for a really good run this afternoon on my usual route. The weather was perfect and there weren’t too many people jumping about. Before returning home I stopped at the little island of Tervasaari to have a stretch on the large jetty where there are tables and benches for people to use when washing their carpets.  The sun was shining in a particularly delightful manner. Before I knew… Read more


The sun has been shining so generously during the last few days that even this pale girl has developped a slight tan. My head is swirling with ideas but it’s simply impossible to stay indoors and sit down to work on them! Trees providing a merciful shade in Suomenlinna on a hot day… I’ve packed some random materials in a bag and set up a temporary “sweatshop” in the backyard… Read more