Sincerely Yours

Dear Blog, I’m so sorry for the long silence. I feel bad for deserting you for such a long time, since you’re my oldest online friend. Rest assured that I’ve been thinking about you every day and have never ever really let you go. Jubilee/burgundy ribbon Dear bloggy, I’ve been so busy. My life has changed so much this year. I’m all over the place now with my Facebook page,… Read more


It took me a while to make up my mind on what to do with these vintage chandelier chrystals that I purchased from a funny little bric-a-brac shop (the owner prefers to call it an installation and to be honest that describes it even better) in Stockholm’s Old Town last year. The chrystals are obviously sensitive to rough wear so as much as I would have loved to see one… Read more

Hands of Time

Naturally the hands of time are turning every second but there are moments when some turns are heavier than others.  I’m about to go through a major change in my life this week. My last day at work just and a leap into independence are just around the corner. Weird and COOL! New life, I salute you! The below earrings feature a pair of vintage, sterling silver charms and added… Read more


I’ve never been one to gamble but this chunky, chequered mother of pearl ball bead from Berlin reminds me of only one thing. The Roulette. Roulette bracelet detail Roulette bracelet The same Berlin shop provided me with very shiny and sleek mother of pearl drops, perfect for long and lean earrings. The Roulette red pair “disappeared” srtaight from my work desk already before I had published a photo of them… Read more

Got a Thing for You

“I guess you wonder where I’ve been I searched to find a love within I came back to let you know Got a thing for you and I can’t let go…” Bobby Caldwell-What You Won’t do for Love Got a Thing for You bracelet Got a Thing for You earrings


I made a Muse pendant. I stared at it for days. And I came to the conclusion that I just didn’t want to add anything else but this soft silk ribbon. Sometimes even I prefer simplicity. Muse pendant The same thing happened with these faceted quartz chrystals. Just a dash of gold vermeil and silver did the trick this time. Christaline earrings

All for the beauty of freedom

The Freedom necklace has yet another appearance. This time the silver bird and jet black czech glass beads are in the company of some amazing white pearls that have a beautiful luster. In fact they are so lustrous that they can’t help but get over-exposed in my photographic endevours! Freedom pearl necklace Freedom pearl necklace Thank You to everyone who has liked my page on Facebook and has found their… Read more

Thumbs up!!

There it is! Please join Fine van Brooklin’s adventures now also on Facebook and like the page here! 🙂 Ice Drops earrings Siellä se nyt on! Fine van Brooklin -korujen matkaan voi hypätä nyt myös Facebookissa. Peukuttamaan pääsee tästä.

Petite Fleur

Just to prove that I can also do cute and sweet if I’m in the mood :), the Petite Fleur bracelet. Happy Valentine’s Day! Petite Fleur bracelet

Studio peek

Just a sneak peek quickie from the studio. Naturally Wiser earrings on the table there. Cheerio! And remember that you’re welcome for a visit.