Sincerely Yours

Dear Blog, I’m so sorry for the long silence. I feel bad for deserting you for such a long time, since you’re my oldest online friend. Rest assured that I’ve been thinking about you every day and have never ever really let you go. Jubilee/burgundy ribbon Dear bloggy, I’ve been so busy. My life has changed so much this year. I’m all over the place now with my Facebook page,… Read more

Studio peek

Just a sneak peek quickie from the studio. Naturally Wiser earrings on the table there. Cheerio! And remember that you’re welcome for a visit.

Voice of the River

I’m in such a melancholic but giggly, teary-eyed but happy, post-Flow Festival emptiness, last days of vacation and missing my summer hideaway in the country -mode that I’d best not say anything else but just post a few pics. Familiar but new, Voice of the River. Voice of the River earrings Voice of the River short necklace. Full view here. Voice of the River bracelet. Detail views here and here.

Dec 23/Getting there

Heading towards North Carelia on a train that’s already two hours late, in -30 degrees, through the dark woods and snowy landscape bathing in cold moonlight. It’s almost Christmas.

Dec 17/Tree

I’m busy with my tree. Is there anything more soothing after a hectic day than decorating a beautiful tree? Classic ornament bought from New York in 2007. The shop is really worth a visit if you happen to be there. Authentiques, 255 West 18th Street, Chelsea, NY. The tree has been melting in the attic all day and I’ve only just started adding the lights and unpacking ornaments. That’s why… Read more

Dec 16

In my home neighbourhood there are many nice shops and also studio spaces of creative folk that often feature interesting window displays. The craziest and most hilarious window belongs without a doubt to textile artist Sirkka Könönen, who is known (among many other things) for her incredibly ornate and skillfully knitted clothes and accessories. They are not at all my style, but the window of her studio/shop/showroom always makes me… Read more

Late again but this is Dec 14!

I was supposed to take a few jewellery photos today to add to my advent calendar but surprise, surprise: not enough light! And now I’m late with my post but what’s new? This time I’ll just share some images from about five weeks back when we spent a lovely week in dear old Stockholm… Autumn leaves Long Shadows. I often wish I was taller! Adorable little gallery Stockholm thrift stores… Read more

Bright Star

Tonight I’m going out for some tapas with the girls after work. There’s supposed to be quite a blizzard (again) right about that time so I hope to make it through the city in one piece and without any broken ankles. One participant might be wearing this, Bright Star. Only a few weeks old and already been to Paris with her as well. Lucky bracelet! Bright Star bracelet

1865, 1980, 2010

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was born 145 years ago today. From this year on December 8th is a national flag day. I think it’s well deserved. Sibelius’ violin concerto has me in tears every time at a certain point. John Lennon was shot to death by a sick lunatic in New York 30 years ago today. I remember that day. I was six years old. My elder sister sat in… Read more


Whoops, almost missed my advent calendar right after the kick-off! But no worries, it’s here, and it still Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturdayeeeee… I hardly ever get to go out on a Friday night because I usually have to get up early on Saturdays. This morning was no exception but I still managed to go out last night as well, and with a dear friend with whom I haven’t partied in… Read more