Moments in Marais

One of the my most important experiences on my “grand voyage” in February was visiting the wholesale shops of jewellery materials in Paris. This was something I had never before been able to do. Here are a few images from one of these amazing Marais stores… I must say that my heart started pounding quite fast when I discovered that there was also a basement in this shop, full of… Read more


I’ve always felt that continental Europe should be experienced by train. Now finally having done just the one trip from Berlin to Paris, I’m sure of it: this really is the way to travel if you’re not in a terrible hurry. And why should you be! Eight and a half hours on a train might sound long versus an hour in the air, but I can’t help but prefer the… Read more

The quality of things

I bought a very stylish, grey vintage (probably 1950s-60s) umbrella from the Arkonaplatz flea market in Berlin. Although I much dislike rain and especially walking in it, I have a strange affection for umbrellas and have quite a few of them. Well, anyway, I couldn’t resist this one, it was so lightweight, lean and slender and in perfect working order. Like something out of “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”. I had… Read more


What can I say? I’ll try to come up with something. Five intensive days in Berlin last week have left me awestruck. On top of it all, since we got back late Thursday evening I haven’t even left the apartment because I got ill almost straight away! So, I’ve just been dwelling in the memories and in my feverish dreams I’ve been walking the streets of Berlin over and over… Read more

Oh, Britannia!

English culture is something that I’ve held dear ever since my childhood and London has always been one of my favourite cities in the world. In my old single days I used to travel there frequently but as it happens, now more than a decade had passed since my last visit. Although I was very excited to finally go to London again, I was also a little nervous. I was… Read more

Take it Easy

I haven’t really stocked up on jewellery materials for quite a long time but next week I’m most definetly going to do so… in LONDON! Travelling with my fantastically like-minded friend, I’ll be sure to stock up on grand inspiration as well. Welcome, 4-day mini holiday with your sophisticated afternoon tea in Knightsbridge, theatre night at the Royal Haymarket, Anthropologie in Regent Street, Covent Garden shopping, Keats House in Hampstead… Read more

Late again but this is Dec 14!

I was supposed to take a few jewellery photos today to add to my advent calendar but surprise, surprise: not enough light! And now I’m late with my post but what’s new? This time I’ll just share some images from about five weeks back when we spent a lovely week in dear old Stockholm… Autumn leaves Long Shadows. I often wish I was taller! Adorable little gallery Stockholm thrift stores… Read more

6.12.10. Cheers, Finland!

These amazing glass crystal beads were found from a wonderful vintage store in Stockholm last month. I just happened to notice that there was something glittering in a ceramic bowl, almost hidden away at the back of a shelf. I pulled the bowl forward and immediately fell in love with the colour and cut of these vintage crystals that had been rescued from a broken necklace. Belle of the Ball… Read more

Remembering the summer

It has been a challenge getting the ball rolling again after such a long break from jewellery making. I haven’t been in my greatest of moods as of late, partly out of the fear of having “lost it” and of “never coming up with another creative idea ever again”. I’ve decided to keep my studio space though. I’m so at ease there that it would be madness and a step… Read more


October. The time of year when my every thought seems to turn to faraway lands. This time last year I was in Crete, the year before that In NYC. It’s time to reminisce… There’s a little shop in New York’s East Village that’s like a jewel. It’s Barbara Feinman Millinery on East 7th Street. As you can tell by the name, it’s a hat shop but there are also other… Read more