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J a n u a r y…


Aaargh, January is sooo long. I’m sadly not a winter person at all and have been feeling quite discouraged on all levels during the last few weeks. With a lump in my throat I went to my studio this afternoon, once again quite certain about the fact that I would yet again just stare at the table. But I suppose I’ve done enough of staring and fiddling with my beads,… Read more

The Best

Golden Wishes necklace 3

Of course I’ve always known it, but during the last few weeks I’ve really come to the very clear and pleasant realisation that Fine van Brooklin fans and customers truly are THE BEST in the known universe and beyond. Really. You are SO nice. Theeeee bestest of the best. Just so you know. T h a n k  Y o u. <3 And this blog shall be revived even if… Read more