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The Best

Golden Wishes necklace 3

Of course I’ve always known it, but during the last few weeks I’ve really come to the very clear and pleasant realisation that Fine van Brooklin fans and customers truly are THE BEST in the known universe and beyond. Really. You are SO nice. Theeeee bestest of the best. Just so you know. T h a n k  Y o u. <3 And this blog shall be revived even if… Read more

Something Very Snappy

Mitzi Dark Satin

I started searching for pictures of vintage sheet music, album covers and other music related things on Pinterest the other day and totally by chance came across this cheerful image. Ritzi Mitzi :)! I’ve been making a series of earrings under the name Mitzi since last Autumn and I can’t remember where the name came from back then. Of course I’d like to think I came up with it myself… Read more