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Fine van Brooklin atelier boutique!

Welcome to my atelier at Punavuorenkatu 7 on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June from 3pm to 7pm to check out the Fine van Brooklin Spring&Summer jewellery in person! On display is a luscious selection of my “Against all odds, the future is golden” S/S16 series, as well as many well loved classics. No appointment needed, just show up as you are :). I will treat you with little refreshments… Read more

Oh, happy day!

Last Summer I had the pleasure of helping a lovely young bride create a dreamy outfit for her wedding. She was so happy with the jewellery I made her that she was kind enough let me show some pictures to all of you. Thank you so much, dear Marine! I used to have a light green multistrand bracelet called No Wall Flower in my collection, and it had caught Marine’s… Read more