Chin chin! All the Fine van Brooklin bracelets from all collections are here in one place for your pleasure.

Comfortable fit and a slightly playful appearance are a common factor in Fine van Brooklin bracelets. I always like to add some adorable dangly bits that charmingly sway about as you get on with your day and night.

Bracelets are also the jewellery pieces that you as the wearer also see yourself all the time. I want you to have a feast for your eyes from all angles of the bracelet so that just a glance towards your own wrist lifts your mood.

With bracelets, size is very important and sometimes a fix of less than one centimeter can make all the difference. I am happy to adjust the length of the bracelets to ensure a perfect fit just for you. So, if you have doubts about size, send me a message and I'll see what I can do!