Rings are the ultimate jewellery in my opinion. With rings, there are so many things to consider in terms of wearability and durability as they are worn on probably the most physically active part of your body, the hand. There have been constant, regular requests for Fine van Brooklin rings over the years but my personal treshold for even trying to make them has been high because I am not a smith and my own standard for creating and offering top quality jewellery is so high. 

Towards the end of 2023 I started to play with materials and try to start looking at rings from a different perspective. What has risen out of this play is The Bauble Ring, the fun and wild mover and shaker that's well on its way to becoming your new best friend!

Instead of a solid ring base, the thing that goes around your finger is a sturdy and smooth double chain (beautiful vintage brass chain from 1970s, unused stock from legendary Aarikka brand factory that used to operate in Helsinki) and on top of that a cluster of mixed beads, vintage and new, glass, stone and porcelain. 

The rings are unapologizingly big but it will surprise you how comfy and lovely they are to wear, not to mention look at and fiddle with every now and then (I'm happily wearing mine as I'm writing this). You can even wear the ring as a necklace, there's a complimentary brass chain included with the purchase of every Bauble Ring.

The bubbly Bauble Ring is the ultimate hand jewellery and I'm receiving beautiful feedback on them from customers. Find your unique Bauble here!