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Deco brooch

Deco brooch

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This brooch was a wonderful find from a vintage shop in Stockholm some years ago. The look and shape of it are very stylish Art Deco but upon inspecting the metal surface that looks and feels perhaps rhodium plated, and the needle mechanism that is quite modern, I would estimate this brooch to be from the 1980s-90s. Due to its style, I wanted to add it to Temps Perdu collection.

Originally the brooch has been adorned with clear glass rhinestones but almost half of them had fallen off. I replaced the missing ones with clear Swarovski chaton stones. The new crystals are sparklier than the old ones, so this creates a fun contast, giving a lively two-tone look to the brooch depending on how the light catches it.

The brooch is 5,7cm in length and 2,3cm in width.

I find this brooch absolutely beautiful, the shape and detailing is wonderful. It's a rare treasure, and only sky is the limit for how to wear it. No pictures can entirely do justice to its elegant shimmer! The brooch does have some weight, so I would not recommend pinning it on a very light and delicate fabric, otherwise it's very versatile.

I'm giving a guarantee for the crystals, so that if any of them should fall off, I will of course fix it. I've meticulously set them with the exact appropriate glue, by hand. I would advise you to hande this rarity with care . When not wearing it, it's best to keep it in its own pouch or a padded box, separate from other jewellery to avoid scratching or tarnishing of the crystals.

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