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This jewellery collection was created for The Turku Art Museum shop for the duration of the exhibition Axel Haartman – Ali Munsterhjelm – Santeri Salokivi. They were three Turku based painters of the Art Nouveau era, depicting people and landscapes both from their home town and their travels abroad.

The necklace, two bracelets and two earring styles feature deep Art Nouveau inspired, velvety colours, frequently seen in the exhibition paintings. The decorative vintage brass findings are from the 1970s, when Art Nouveau style had reappeared on trend.

The name for the collection came from the painting by Axel Haartman called Emilienne from 1912 (see photo), depicting a woman sitting at a table in mustard yellow, brown and lilac attire, looking at the viewer with a kind and curious, slightly mysterious expression on her face.

Emilienne was a limited edition and was made for and sold at the Turku Art Museum shop between September 2018 and January 2019, then later also as part of a larger Fine van Brooklin seasonal collection "Muse".

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