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Josephine necklace

Josephine necklace

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Unique necklace from Women in Art collection, inspired by dancer/actress/singer Josephine Baker.

This necklace features a very old, very probably antique pendant that I found from a vintage shop in Finland a couple of years ago. Tiny seed pearls are set on a highly decorative silver tone frame (has the feel and look of sterling silver but there are no stamps so I am not sure) with an oval glass in the center. Under the glass is an adorable, faded paper picture of two children, a girl and a boy. I have cleaned and polished the pendant but also left some of the beautiful patin on it.

The double chain is previously unused vintage steel chain with a silver clasp and some decoration added in the form of a vintage pearlized glass bearl and Czech glass bead, wrapped with silver wire.

The chain is approximately 48cm in length and the pendant moves freely on it, so you may set the adorned clasp at the back or on the side to be seen from the front. Size of the pendant is approx. 2cm x 4cm.

I wanted to add this necklace to the "Josephine" series especially because it's very decorative but also for the children depicted on the pendant. After her most active years as a performing artist, Josephine Baker became the adoptive mother to several children from all over the world as she was not able to have children of her own.

The picture on the pendant is quite faded but there are adorable blue, green and red colour tones still visible.

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