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Lily necklace in green

Lily necklace in green

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Versatile, multifunctional Lily necklace from Tempo Verde collection.


Beautiful and rare 1970s vintage intaglio glass pendant on a vintage brass bail, mother of pearl and Czech glass beads. Clasp is gold vermeil, and the beads on the extension part are wrapped with gold fill wire.

Length of necklace is approx. 82cm, size of glass pendant 2x3cm. The pendant moves freely on the necklace, giving you multiple choices on how to wear it, long or short. You can also remove the pendant and wear it separately with a ribbon or chain of your choice. Fine van Brooklin stocks lovely vintage chains and ribbons, please feel free to inquire!

With the pendant removed, Lily necklace can also be be worn alone, even wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. This necklace is a true multi-tasker!

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