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Renaissance Beauties

Renaissance Beauties

These two earring styles and one necklace were created for The Finnish National Gallery's Sinebrychoff Art Museum shop for the duration of the exhibition Lucas Cranach - Renaissance Beauties.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition's exquisite paintings and atmosphere and using entirely vintage glass beads and decorative brass findings, this jewellery collection was an absolute pleasure to create. The warm, deep tones of burnt orange, brown, dark green, black and soft white come straight from the Lucas Cranach masterworks. In the paintings there are often female figures who are wearing exquisite jewellery and intricate braided ornaments in their hair. In the background there can be either a comforting darkness or sometimes a scene with trees and buildings.

Along with the colour of the beads, the warm brass tones and the shapes of the jewellery were chosen to suggest what the today's renaissance beauty might wear.

Renaissance Beauties was a limited edition and was made for and sold exclusively at the Sinebrychoff museum shop between October 2018 and January 2019.

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