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Temps Perdu brooch

Temps Perdu brooch

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This Art Deco (1920s-30s) brooch was a wonderful find from Puces de Vanves market in Paris. It is very sturdy, I want to say it's cast of steel even. But I can't be 100% sure. The needle is a little bit stiff but also in full working condition, which is rare for brooches this old. The bonbon shape is nothing but adorable!

Originally the brooch has been adorned with clear glass rhinestones. About one third of them was left when I purhased the brooch, however as I was cleaning it, they all fell off. I rubbed away all the decades of tarnish and chose new Austrian Primero crystal chatons for the brooch in colours called "palace green opal" and "light azore". Yes, the light tone crystals are not entirely colourless, there is an ever so tiny hint of a "seafoam-ish" colour there. At first glance you might think they are clear, but in fact they are not and this makes the overall sparkle somehow "deeper". The green is indeed an opalesque tone, not quite as sparkly, to bring a soft contrast.

The brooch is 5cm in length and 2,5cm in width measured from the middle.

I am deeply in love with this brooch, to be honest. It is a versatile treasure, and only sky is the limit for how to wear it. Think of what it must have seen over the decades, and how many more adventures are waiting for it! No pictures can entirely do justice to its irresistible allure!

I'm giving a guarantee for the crystals, so that if any of them fall off, I will of course fix it. I've meticulously set all 64 of them with the exact appropriate glue, by hand. I would advise you to hande this rarity with care . When not wearing it, it's best to keep it in its own pouch or a padded box, separate from other jewellery to avoid scratching or tarnishing of the crystals.

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