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Tiara necklace

Tiara necklace

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Welcome to 1930s Paris.

This necklace for time traveling features an amazing vintage rhinestone studded centerpiece from the Art Deco era. It was perhaps once sewn onto a burnt amber coloured taffeta garment, as tiny fibres of such a cloth were found from underneath the piece as I was cleaning and polishing it. This elegantly sparkling beauty was a delightful, rare find from a Parisian antique market. All the original clear crystal rhinestones are intact and I have also checked their settings, finding them all in great vintage condition. A gentle bubble bath and careful polish were performed to reveal all the delicate sparkle and adorable vintage charm.

With the rest of the necklace I have aimed for an elegant boho look, adding a wild mixture of some vintage brass chain, vintage glass seed beads and lovely little pyrite gemstone beads. The chain is great quality previously unused vintage 1970s brass chain, originating from the legendary Finnish Aarikka jewellery brand´s old stock.

Length of the necklace is adjustable in three places between 45-50-55cm. The size of the centerpiece is approximately 4cm in diameter.

While made to a necklace, this one also works very well as a stunning head/hairpiece. The weight distributes on the necklace in such a way, that if you place it on your head and adjust the length just right, placing the sparkling centerpiece on the side above your temple, it fits like a glove. It would then be easy to secure to the hair with a few hairpins. I warmly recommend trying this option as well!

Needless to say, "Tiara" is a unique, one of a kind jewellery piece, created to continue the long line of unforgettable moments that the Art Deco centerpiece has already seen and will see in the future.


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