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Way To Go pendant necklace in peridot+silk

Way To Go pendant necklace in peridot+silk

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Let's travel in time to Paris in the era of Art Deco. Parisian jewellery factory producing high quality, intricately detailed brass stampings with spaces ready for 54 size 11 (1,6mm) rhinestones. In November 2022 I find the stampings from Puces de Vanves market.

Antique Art Deco (1920s-30s) brass stamping (size 5cm x 1cm) is turned into a unique pendant. I chose fresh and lively peridot green and delicate, very light rose tone Austrian Primero crystals and set them by hand to define the shape of an arrow pointing in both directions.

The pendant is attached with Primero crystal links wrapped with silver wire to a vintage (previously unused) steel chain. It looks delicate but is nothing of the sort, but extremely durable and will not tarnish.

Length of the necklace is adjustable, 50cm + 2 x 5cm extensions for versatility. When you are wearing it, the pendant will not necessarily stay exactly in a horizontal position all the time. It can tilt a little bit when you move, like the needle on a compass. It was my choice to make the necklace so, to give the arrow the freedom to point where it wants.

The last photo shows a snapshot taken of the necklace and earrings in semi-dark, electric light conditions. It's a challenge to capture the delicate shimmer of the beautiful little crystals, but this necklace truly is quite stunning!

I am giving a guarantee for the crystals in case any of them ever fall off. I have carefully set them one by one with the appropriate crystal glue, by hand. I advise you to handle the necklace with gentle care, so that when you are not wearing it, keep it safe in its pouch and separate from other jewellery to avoid scratching. See more jewellery care instructions here!

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