Collection: TEMPS PERDU collection

In November 2022 I was lucky to visit amazing antique markets in Paris. I spent two days digging through the selections of dozens of sellers, and just as I had hoped deep in my heart, stumbled upon some awe-inspiring vintage jewellery materials.

I did make some great finds and the thought of "Temps Perdu, a time lost is a time found" got stuck in my head.

From an old jewellery factory that operated in Paris from 1880s to 1950s come stunning Art Deco brass stampings never before used, beautifully detailed with filigree ornaments and just waiting for someone to fill the gaps with rhinestones. I chose Austrian Primero crystal chaton stones in vivid colours, like the ones seen on autochrome colour photographs of the era. Countless hours have been spent preparing these special pieces to see the light of day in a new guise.

From Paris I also found other rarities, some mesmerising hand painted glass stones and rhinestone studded baubles and such, that have an absolutely unrivaled charm. It feels like true time travel, handling such alluring materials and dreaming up what to make of them.

It won't be easy to let go of any of the Temps Perdu jewellery pieces. But it gives me solace that Fine van Brooklin customers are the ones who understand and feel how rare and precious such vintage & antique treasures are.

Temps Perdu jewellery collection started in October 2023 and continues on with new additions appearing through Spring 2024 still featuring Art Deco findings from Paris but also from Helsinki and Berlin. I hope you'll enjoy!