Collection: WOMEN IN ART collection

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp -

Women in Art is an eclectic collection of unique and small series jewellery inspired by interesting women from the world of art. The series started in November 2019 and continues on. Fine van Brooklin bows in thanks for the inspiration and wishes you a fascinating jewellery journey in exciting company!

Newest addition to Women in Art is "Virginie", where I turn my gaze at the muse. Finnish 19th century painter Albert Edelfelt's favourite model and supposed lover has intrigued me so much over the years that I'm dedicating a series to how I imagine the Virginie of 2023.

Currently available selection also includes some earlier jewellery pieces created with the following artists in mind:

*Danish actress Asta Nielsen (1881-1973)

*French painter Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938)

*American singer-songwriter, music producer, actress Erykah Badu (1971- )

*American-born French dancer, singer, actress Joséphine Baker (1906-1975